Cardiovascular exercises such as running keep your heart healthy

Types of Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are great ways to lose weight, stay healthy, keep your heart in great shape, and lower your blood pressure. In short, these types of exercises focus on elevating your heart rate and keeping it that way for an extended period of time.

While these workouts can be very beneficial, it’s important to prioritize safety and performing these exercises safely. Be sure to fully stretch and warm-up before starting your workout routine to avoid cramping, pulled muscles, and other issues. It’s also crucial that you know your limits and don’t overwork your body. People will often push themselves past a healthy workout and actually cause harm to their bodies, which can lead to knee pains, muscle deterioration, and a decreased appetite. An optimal workout will often include about 15-20 minutes of intense workout and 25-35 minutes of a longer paced workout.

There are many types of exercises that will benefit your heart, so feel free to pick one that you prefer and change up your routine if you get bored. Your heart rate is the priority, so finding something that you’re more likely to stick with long enough to get your full workout is the main objective.

Running or jogging is obviously a popular choice, as all that’s required is a pair of running shoes. If you have access to a treadmill, you can run indoors or you can take your routine outdoors and enjoy a scenic run if you prefer. Remember not to sprint, as you’ll burn out your energy, but rather choose a healthy pace and try to maintain it for extended periods.

Swimming is another excellent cardiovascular exercise if you have access to a pool, especially during the summer. If you’re looking to take this route, however, be sure to research safe techniques for swimming laps, or you could risk harming yourself or wasting your energy.

Stair training, also known as stair climbing, is an excellent way to elevate your heart rate. Try to travel the whole stairwell as much as possible, to minimize turnarounds and dizziness. You can even take the stairs when heading to work to grab a quick workout in the mornings.

Although jumping jacks may seem a little cliche, they’re a time-tested workout option. Although they may not be your favorite for a long-term workout, they’re easy to do in a limited space and can add some nice variety to your routine.

With a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise, you can significantly increase the health of your heart and cut down the possibilities of heart disease, plus providing many other benefits for your body. If you have any questions about your heart’s health or suspect that an issue may by present, don’t hesitate to contact your cardiologist.