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Echocardiogram, Humble TX

Among our many cardiology diagnostic tools, echocardiograms are an essential tool to review many aspects of a heart’s health, by examining its functions when diagnosing a concern, after a procedure, or to monitor a potential issue. With nearly 30 years of experience as a cardiologist, Dr. Jacob has extensive knowledge in applying tests such as echocardiograms to accurately analyze the hearts of patients throughout Humble, Texas.

An echocardiogram, commonly referred to as an “echo”, is a type of ultrasound test in which high-pitched sound waves are emitted from a device called a transducer. By using these sound waves, echoes can form a video of your heart’s movements.

Purpose of Echocardiograms in Humble, TX

This test can be used to:

  • Detect an enlarged heart
  • View heart valves
  • Spot congenital heart defects
  • Review the heart’s state after a heart attack
  • Check the thickness of the heart wall
  • Review the performance of an artificial heart valve
  • Measure the heart’s chamber size
  • Calculate how much blood is pumping through your heart with each heartbeat
  • Detect diseases such as cardiomyopathy that impact the way the heart muscles pump
  • Search for clots or tumors in the heart

Echocardiography in Humble, TX

Whether you’ve recently moved to the Humble area or seeking a specialist after a referral from your general practitioner, Dr. Jacob is ready to give you the highest quality in personalized heart care. Our office, located in Humble TX, strived to provide a pleasant experience and results that our patients can trust. Don’t take any chances when it comes to caring for your heart. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Jacob today.